Brave Bunnies

52 x 7’ - 2D / Series / Education / Entertainment / Pre-school - 2021 – Now

Produced by Ukraine based Glowberry with the Spanish animation studio Anima Kitchent, Brave Bunnies is an entertaining and educational 2D pre-school series that delivered and launched on a number of platforms internationally in 2021.

The series follows a family of courageous and curious bunnies as they seek adventure and exploration, travelling on the Bunny Bus around the world.

Bunny Bop and his little sister, Bunny Boo, are born in peaceful Bunny Town, nestled in cosy Carrot Valley. Bop and Boo live there with Bunny Pa and Bunny Ma, and their four siblings, the Bunny Babies. The Bunny Family are happy in their quiet town. They have a lovely Bunny Home and wonderful Bunny Friends. But something is missing. Bop and Boo want to explore different places and make new friends. Inspired, Ma and Pa decide that the Bunny Family need to explore the world. Curious and courageous, the Brave Bunnies set off on a big Bunny road Trip. Inquisitive by nature, they are born Bunny explorers. And, because they are a family, their love for each other helps them to face and tackle any situation. There is always a friend to find and a new game to play in every episode.


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  • 2020
    MIP Junior
    2nd most viewed programme in Screening Library

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