Only a Child


Only a Child is a visual poem created by over 20 animation directors under the artistic supervision of Simone Giampaolo, which gives shape and colour to the original words spoken by Severn Cullis-Suzuki at the UN Summit in Rio in 1992, a child’s desperate call to action for the future of our planet. An omnibus film celebrating the environmental youth movement 30 years in the making.


Produced by Amka Films Productions

List of participating art directors:
Monica Santana, Julian Amacker (Walkingframes)
Marjolaine Perreten
Andrea Schneider (with Will Crook)
Emilien Davaud
Barbara Brunner (Brunner & Meyer)
Nino Christen
Patrick Graf (PULK)
Imgart Walthert
Oswald Iten
Philip Hofmänner
Yves Gutjahr, Claudia Röthlin (Tiny Giant)
Michaela Müller
Justine Klaiber (Team Tumult)
Cyril Gfeller
Roman Kälin (PULK)
César Díaz Meléndez
Veronica L. Montaño, Joel Hofmann, Manuela Leuenberger (Eisprung Studio)
Stéphan Nappez
Nina Christen (Team Tumult)

Music by Flavio Gargano