Published 23rd October 2023

Gamma brings Morph to Big Switch-off Campaign

Aardman has partnered with telecoms company Gamma, bringing Morph to their Big Switch-off campaign.

Directed by Will Studd, the animated film featuring Morph and his sidekick Chas is aimed at making UK businesses aware of the imminent PSTN switch-off.


Morph, created over four decades ago by Aardman co-founders Peter Lord and David Sproxton, is recognised for his slapstick comedy prowess and gobbledygook language, and employs alternative methods to convey messages, aptly reflecting the essence of the Big Switch-off campaign. 

Helen Owen, Head of Product Marketing at Gamma said: “Morph is the ideal, if not obvious, ambassador for the Big Switch-off. His appeal bridges multiple generations and his ability to simplify and bring humour to the everyday ensures that he cuts through the noise and capture audience's attention. We believe that raising awareness of this significant change within UK businesses is essential and are hoping that the partnership of Gamma and Morph will draw attention to a Big Switch-off which to date has gone largely unheralded.” 

Will Studd, Director at Aardman added: “Gamma approached us with an exciting brief - To use Morph and Chas to help explain the big switch over of landline phones to new more versatile digital systems.  

“Working together with Peter Lord, co-creator of Morph, and Chris Parker, author, and screenwriter, we created a fun, playful narrative that explains the concepts, and benefits of the switch, in a way that harks back to the golden age of kids TV. 

“Voiced by Derek Griffiths, staple of 1970’s and 80’s Children’s BBC, we created a memorable, authentic film that plays on Morph and Chas’ classic antagonistic relationship, to show how beneficial and easy the transition to digital is. Just like the show, Morph ends up on top, enjoying the full benefits of his digital communication. The film was a joy to create.”