Published 16th January 2024

Shaun the Sheep partners with EMU Australia

Two iconic brands, EMU Australia and Shaun the Sheep, have joined forces to create an exclusive collaboration that brings together the world’s favourite woolly sheep with a beautiful range of cosy products, perfect for little feet.

The partnership merges EMU’s renowned expertise in footware with the beloved character Shaun the Sheep, resulting in a unique collection that captures the essence of both brands, adding a touch of whimsy and playfulness to EMU’s signature designs. 

Shaun the Sheep x EMU Australia

The Woolmark Company, a globally recognised authority on wool, has endosred this collaboration, highlighting the significance of the natural, sustainable and versitile material that is a cornerstone of both EMU Australia and Shaun the Sheep’s appeal.  

“We are proud of our longstanding relationships with EMU Australia and Shaun the Sheep. Underpinning this collaboration is an enduring commitment to quality, backed by the Woolmark Company’s globally recognised authority in wool from farm to finished product.” says Stephen Feighan, General Manager Grower Services & Market Intelligence at The Woolmark Company. 

The collection features a range of cosy and stylish footwear inspired by Shaun the Sheep's endearing character and the picturesque landscapes of both Australia and the UK. From classic kids boots adorned with Shaun's playful illustrations to boots that reflect the character's mischievous spirit, each piece in the collection is a delightful blend of comfort and creativity. 

“We are thrilled to announce this exciting collaboration with Shaun the Sheep,” said Rebecca Fett, Global Marketing Manager at EMU Australia. “Shaun’s universal appeal and the heart-warming stories from Aardman resonate with people of all ages and it’s an opportunity to take our already loved kid’s products and introduce them to a new audience leveraging the nostalgia and love families and kids around the world have for Shaun the Sheep. Combining Shaun’s charm with EMU’s dedication to quality allows us to offer a truly unique and memorable collection.” 

Shaun the Sheep, created by Aardman, has become a global phenomenon since his debut in 2007. The character's universal appeal, clever humour, and heart-warming stories have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. 

"We are excited to partner with EMU Australia for this special collaboration," said Rachael Peacock, Senior Brand Manager at Aardman. "The synergy between Shaun the Sheep and EMU's commitment to quality and craftsmanship is evident in every piece of this collection. We believe fans of both brands will appreciate the unique blend of comfort and character that this collaboration brings." 

Shaun the Sheep x EMU Australia

Connecting on quality, care for the environment and at the same time a little bit of fun and silliness this collaboration is “shear class”. The Shaun the Sheep x EMU Australia collaboration is set to launch in stores from 15th July 2024 and will be available at select retailers, as well as online and other authorized online platforms. 

The Shaun the Sheep x EMU Australia collaboration is the latest partnership to join the ‘Shaun the Sheep One Farm initiative which represents issues around the environment and sustainability in a fun and engaging way for families, launched in 2023.  Successful partnerships to date include Natural England’s Countryside Code,  The National Forest, Willsow Plantable Books and VegPower with further brand collaborations to be announced later this year.