Animate with Aardman


Animate with Aardman is an edutainment course developed by Aardman, in conjunction with Netflix Grow Creative.

Our objective is simple: to teach, inspire and engage children aged 7 – 12 in the art of stop motion filmmaking, giving them a solid film making outline and the necessary tools allowing them to explore the wonderful world of stop motion film making.


Comprised of six lessons, the course guides participants through the key stages of creating an animated film, including:

  • Ideas & Story
  • Characters & Props
  • Storyboarding
  • Lights & Camera
  • Animation
  • Sound & Foley

After completing the final episode, participants will have learnt the key fundamentals of animation, and can go on to create their own films using the Aardman Animator App.


The course has been created specifically to make it adaptable to a variety of different learning settings, including:

  • In a classroom context, led by a teacher, using both the crew demonstrations and presenter pieces as a resource
  • As a live experience, led by a presenter, using the crew demonstrations videos as a resource
  • As a self-led online experience


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