Mitten & Shoe

52 x 7' - CGI / Series / Comedy / Entertainment / Pre-school - 2025

Mitten & Shoe is a new comedy series created by Nai Morris and is a co-production with Matinai Animation and Jam Media, and was developed with the support of the Young Audiences Content Fund through the BFI.

Best friends Mitten & Shoe live in the playground with their friends the ‘playground crew’, an assortment of left behind children’s belongings, who are looked after by an old jolly brolly called Mc Drizzle.

It’s always playtime at the playground, where each day brings play and all sorts of new friends.

Mitten & Shoe is a show full of fun, laughter and songs, inspiring young children to open their minds and hearts to accept others, no matter who they are.

Mitten&Shoe Bolder Colours 14.12.22


Drag me

Mitten & Shoe tells the story of one left mitten and one right shoe who come together to make a great pair!

Fun facts!
  • A real shoe

    inspired Mitten & Shoe! It was left on a playground fence and looked like it needed a friend!

  • 30,000

    CG hairs make up Mitten’s fluffiness

  • Bagsy

    can store a surprising amount of things in her bag, including spare hats, rubber bones and her trusty toy hammer

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