Published 14th November 2023

Aardman film helps Gloucestershire kids manage conflict

Aardman has collaborated with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire on a new film to help teach primary school children a better way of solving arguments.

Directed by Tim Ruffle, the 2D animated film ‘You For I’ brings two sides together to help children understand the causes and consequences of their behaviour.


Director Tim Ruffle said: “Animation is a great medium to convey the idea of restorative conversations. We tried to make a fun and visually appealing film, whilst suggesting simple actions that a younger audience can try for themselves.”

Gloucestershire’s Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner secured funding through the Home Office’s Safer Streets Fund.

A focus group of experts approved the film ensuring it has the right, age-appropriate message.

A lesson plan was custom-made by teams at Gloucestershire Healthy Living and Learning to accompany the film, which helps teachers to get the most learning out of it.

Chris Nelson, Gloucestershire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Engaging with young people is essential as early intervention teaches good habits, and this is the case with children learning how to express themselves.

"We all experience disagreements, conflict and anger at all stages of life. This animation helps to teach young people that they can respect someone else's views, even if they are different to their own, and that you never need to be violent in order to express yourself.

“This creative campaign will hopefully engage primary children with the colourful, relatable characters. We hope it starts them thinking about how best to communicate and that their actions have consequences on those around them.

"By reinforcing basic values like respect and good communication at a young age I hope that this empowers the next generation to move towards restorative practice and away from violence or threats which is where police get involved.

“We have benefitted from the talented team at Aardman before - they created a video for us on Consent, helping young people to listen to the answer they get, rather than the answer they want to hear. This latest video on Restorative Justice yet again demonstrates their commitment to improving the lives of young people, especially in the South West."

The film was launched to Key Stage 2 pupils at Calton Primary School in Gloucester on Tuesday 14th November.

It will also be available to Gloucestershire Constabulary’s Schoolbeat team, which delivers training to young people on topics including anti-social behaviour, grooming, exploitation and internet safety.

This is the second time Aardman has collaborated with the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Gloucestershire. The 2022 film 'Consent', also directed by Tim Ruffle, uses everyday examples to help children understand what consent means.